NYPD Physical Agility Test

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default NYPD Physical Agility Test

Video of the NYPD PAT from the recruitment DVD.
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24 Responses to “NYPD Physical Agility Test”
  1. jose garcia says:

    i wish cpd was this easy exam

  2. 22206chris says:

    Thanks for the info.

  3. arrindell29 says:

    Its all about technique. There really isn’t any advantage for being tall. Before you do anything there will be an instructor who will show you what to do and how to do it. If you follow the instructions when its your turn you will pass it. 

  4. arrindell29 says:

    You could sign up for training, but I didn’t. If you make it over the wall jump and fall while attempting the climb it counts. But they do warn you that if don’t perform the task correctly you may hurt yourself and they are not responsible for any injuries. That occurs while the test.

  5. QtyPie80 says:

    hi, did you get training for jst before taking the test? and if you make the jump over the 6 foot pole leap, what if you fall, is it okay to keep on going? and what if a person fails the jst? thanks appreciated.

  6. 22206chris says:

    Okay, thanks. The most difficult part seems to be the pole leap. How hard was that, is it easier for taller people or is it just upper arm strength?

  7. arrindell29 says:


  8. arrindell29 says:

    Wasn’t really hard, just take your time and don’t feel discourage if you mess up on any part. Well I didn’t feel the strain until I started Running. That’s just me, maybe different for other people.

  9. 22206chris says:

    How hard was it? Like, how straining was it after about a minute?

  10. joedinaadi says:

    @arrindell29 this test needs to be done within 4 minutes right?

  11. BEBE IMBY says:

    hey thanks for that great advice also how do you think i should prepare as in what should i do to be fit for this

  12. arrindell29 says:

    This is the only one, when I took mines I seen plenty of females pass so don’t feel discouraged. There isn’t a weight requirement, you just have to perform this physical examination. The test is hard pending if you prepared for it or not, I recommend preparing for it.

  13. BEBE IMBY says:

    hey im a female i was wonder wat other physical exams would u need to do ? also is the test extremely hard and is there a weight requirment to be a P.A

  14. arrindell29 says:

    I just did mines, did it in 3 mins and 40 seconds. The vest was a killer to me, if anyone got questions let me know.

  15. mannypena1270 says:

    They just called me in feb im done eith the apd all i have to do is wait for my list number

  16. MrMohmend says:

    how many times do you have to run around that triangle of cones and how long do you have to complete this entire test and how many times do you pull the trigger on the gun, because from experience, i can tell you, when you do all of that, its not easy pulling that trigger at the end.

  17. Breeezy2491 says:

    takes along time…i took my exam in 2010 and in feb 2012 got the notice to begin the application process….just filled out one form and waiting for them to reach my list #

  18. 19pyrex20 says:

    The weights are 50 lbs and what they sit on are 30 lbs. equaling 80lbs total

  19. xxjames2oxx says:

    80 pounds “total” – meaning 40 push and 40 pull, or 80 push and 80 pull?

  20. Clear4GPromo says:

    WTH, do nypd have to wear bulletproof vest? And why are they training so hard, they acting like its the damn army camp.

  21. FireRagex says:

    i inboxed u . . i need advice lmao

  22. pimp349 says:

    Took this today and passed, pm me if questions.

    Word to the wise: I go to Ballys and run at least 2X a week, that bulletproof vest changes a lot of things.

  23. FireRagex says:

    how did it go????? my jst is in a week at the same placeee i think im overthinking it too

  24. FireRagex says:

    i have my jst in about a week . . . how do i prepare for it? any advicee?

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